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The library is the heart of a university. The Unesa Library provides services to the academic community in providing, processing, utilizing, and maintaining library materials, reference services and library administration affairs. Currently, the Unesa library is equipped with internet facilities and online journals. Hundreds to thousands of national and international scientific journals can be accessed at the Unesa library or visit:

Every year, the Unesa library tries to add to its collection of library materials from purchases or grants. Library materials in the form of scientific books, scientific journals, newsletters, magazines, tabloids, newspapers, final projects, theses, theses, dissertations, research reports, online journals, internet, warintek, translation programs, and magic cards. The collection of books in the Unesa library in the last four years, as presented in the table, consists of 52,113 titles and 138,332 copies. When compared to the previous year, the number of book titles increased by 1,510, while the number of copies increased by 3,630.

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