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Unesa’s dorms are equipped with 24-hour security patrols, comfortable, and either single and or shared rooms. Living in the dorm can be an opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over Indonesia with the convenience of having supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, and a post office only a walking distance away. Unesa’s accommodation is a popular way to stay close to the campus. Due to high demand, we recommend new students apply for student housing as soon as new students apply to study at Unesa.

Unesa provides three types of dormitories, the male dormitories, female dormitories, and the most recent one is eco-container dormitory. Each dorm has its own uniqueness and advantages. One of the advantages of living in the Unesa dorms is that students can learn to join organizations. This is because on every floor of the dormitory there are dormitory management boards whose members are the residents of the dorms. The board is in charge of coordinating the residents and organizing interesting activities for the residents. Some of these activities are sports class, skills courses, and various fun competitions. The purpose of holding these activities, among others, is to increase comfort and a sense of belonging among dormitory residents.

A range of accommodation options are available in the suburbs surrounding the main campus. Students will benefit from close proximity to the city and shopping, with rental prices varying depending on the type and location of accommodation students choose. Service of housekeeping keeps a register of people in established households who are looking to share with others. Campus accommodation allows greater independence and privacy, making it ideal for mature aged students and those with families.

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