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Universitas Negeri Surabaya Ketintang Campus is located on Jl. Lidah Wetan, Lidah Wetan, Kec. Lakarsantri, Surabaya city, East Java 60213 and has 3 faculties located in the Lidah Wetan campus complex: Faculty of Sport Science, Faculty of Education as well as Faculty of Languages and Arts.


Faculty of Education

  1. Guidance and Counselling
  2. Curriculum and Education Technology
  3. Psychology
  4. Non-formal Education
  5. Special Education
  6. Elementary Teacher Education
  7. Educational Management
  8. Early Childhood Education

Faculty of Language and Arts

  1. English Education
  2. English Literature
  3. Indonesian Language and Literature Education
  4. Indonesian Literature
  5. German Education
  6. German Literature
  7. Japanese Education
  8. Javanese Language and Literature Education
  9. Chinese Education
  10. Drama, Dance and Music Education
  11. Music Art
  12. Fine Art Education
  13. Fine Art
  14. Visual Communication Design
  15. Applied Graphic Design

Faculty of Sport Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Physical Education
  2. Bachelor of Sports Sciences
  3. Bachelor of Sports Coaching Education


Graha Unesa

Graha Unesa is the largest multi-function building in Unesa with a capacity of 6000 seats. This building is Unesa’s icon and one of the most representative buildings in Surabaya for events involving large-scale audiences.

International Futsal Arena

The international-scale sports arena is equipped with a court and stand suitable for futsal competitions. This building often hosts national and international events.

Student Activity Center

This multi-function building serves as the centre of students’ activities and lodging facility for participants of various competitions held at Unesa.

Eco Container Dormitory

This container-shaped eco-building is Unesa students’ dormitory. It is quiet, safe, comfy, and fully equipped for students’ needs, making it an interesting feature in our students’ housing complex

Sports Center and Swimming Pool

As the centre of sports sciences development, Unesa boasts a sports centre fully equipped with a fitness centre and international standard swimming pools

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