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For almost ten years, Unesa has been trusted by the Ministry of Education and Culture to become a pioneer in the development of the special education sector. In collaboration with Special Education and Special Services of Elementary Education Directorate, Unesa has been providing intense training, mentoring, and preparation for teachers of special schools and inclusive schools in Eastern Indonesia. In addition, Unesa also provides the widest possible learning opportunities for prospective students with disabilities. In line with this purpose, Unesa has prepared facilities to support its students with disabilities, such as ramps in every building in Unesa. According to the latest data for 2015, currently there are 24 students with disabilities in several faculties in Unesa.

Based on its dedication, on 2 September 2012, Unesa received the Inclusive Award as an Inclusive campus from the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture. Based on the passion to develop an inclusive campus environment and provide special services for students with disabilities, Unesa established the Center for Studies and Services for Persons with Disabilities (PSLPD Unesa) on 12 December2013, initiated by Dr. Sujarwanto, M.Pd. who is currently serving as Vice-Rector of Planning and Partnership. Unesa's work in the field of disabilities is not only shown through regional, national, and even international activities, but also consistency in realizing the main vision to be able to prosper people with disabilities in Unesa through academic/non-academic assistance activities and advocacy activities.

Currently Unesa has 90 student volunteers from different faculties at PSLD, although now volunteers are still dominated by students from the Faculty of Education Sciences. PSLPD Unesa is supported by several experts and various special equipment such as scan readers, JAWS, computers, and other special equipment for volunteer competency development and has its own office. The Unesa PSLPD secretariat is located in the Autism Service Center Building (PLA) Unesa Lidah Wetan campus, Surabaya.

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