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UNESA Vilearning is a system specifically designed to facilitate online remote teaching and learning processes. Therefore, Unesa can provide a virtual classroom service for quality online learning. There are many advantages offered by Vilearning system, including flexible class schedules, learning rhythms that caters to students’ abilities, easily understood materials, and energy, cost and time-saving. In this e-learning system, there are several facilities provided, including student management, learning material management, learning process management including learning evaluation management and communication management between learners and their facilitators. This facility allows learning activities to be managed without direct face-to-face contact.

Login SSO UNESA : Vi-Learning can be accessed through SSO (Single Sign On) UNESA

Siakadu : Vi-Learning can also be accessed through SIAKADU (Integrated Academic Information System).

Helpdesk E-service : For any trouble, Please contact us via E-service Unesa (SSO-General-E-service)

Helpdesk WA : If there are any difficulties, contact us via WA (+ 62811-3577-890) during business hours 08.00 - 16.00 WIB

Learn more about our e-learning system in the following link:

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