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Public Relations is a bridge, which connects Unesa with the wider community in relation to providing information about various Unesa activities. Public Relations also receives information from outside Unesa which is then processed and forwarded to the related leadership and academicians. Currently, UPT Humas has successfully carried out several activities:

  1. Conducting public relations, with journalists and the public directly.
  2. Supporting the success of the institution's internal activities
  3. Publishing six editions of Unesa Magazine per year and clipping news stories from print media related to the institution.
  4. Documenting the activities carried out by university leaders and academics.
  5. Promoting the university
  6. Reporting on institutional activities through the Unesa website.
  7. Collaborating with various partners who have direct connections with Unesa.

You can visit complete information about Unesa or Unesa's Public Relations activities at

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